Converge Financial Inc. provides internal accounting services to corporate and non-profit clients.  The company allows clients to outsource internal accounting requirements to Converge’s experienced and reliable team members, this allows our clients to devote attention to other critical success areas.


  • Oversight of internal financial reporting
  • Operational and cash flow budgeting
  • Review and improvement of financial structures to facilitate business performance
  • Proactive monitoring and advising on accounting and tax issues


  • Assistance with establishing a financial plan
  • Formulation of turn-around strategies
  • Implementation of a refinancing plan
  • Succession planning
  • Improvement of internal financial systems
  • Assistance with all aspects of purchasing or selling a business


  • Timely, accurate summary of financial transactions
  • Ensure compliance with payroll, HST and other tax requirement
  • Ongoing internal accounting reporting
  • Succession planning
  • Recommendations regarding ongoing improvement of internal control systems

The company works in tandem with the practice of Stephen Ernst, Chartered Accountant that provides external accounting services.  For information on those services, please consult the website